Welcome Fellow Patriot And Believer,

Welcome to Survival Revelations – a community of preppers, survivalists, patriots, God-fearing Christians and brave and responsible men and women from all walks of life coming together to make their world a safer place.

Here we celebrate heroes, veterans, family oriented men and women who believe in good old-fashioned values in a time where these values have all but vanished.

People nowadays can’t even change a lightbulb or they will lose their senses when their iPhones run out of battery. They wouldn’t survive a week without a Walmart nearby.

We’re talking about a people that will trample upon one another in order to get their hands on a toaster during Black Friday… God forbid when the SHTF!

Here we will arm you to the teeth the ‘right’ way, by sharing with you survival skills, self reliance methods, urban survival mindsets, how to prep for a disaster, how to live off-grid and keeping your family safe and healthy during a crisis.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to prepping or you have the the experience of surviving World Wars – we will have something for you to stay prepared and arm you with new skills to face any threats.

So once again, welcome to survival revelations.

We’re all in this together.