Imagine a world where everything that made you felt safe was taken away.

At that moment, you awaken to the revelation that you have to do whatever it takes… to survive. Everything we can expect about the downfall of the financial institution, the breakdown of civil defense, natural disasters, deadly viruses, physical danger, nuclear attack, war, terrorism and certain death – are real!

Fear not – those can be avoided if we are well prepared for what’s to come for the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

Welcome to survival revelation – we will arm you to the teeth so that you can survive in a post-apocalyptic world.

Safety, is just an illusion.

Protection is just an illusion.

The very fact that we believe we will live tomorrow is also an illusion.

But Choice Is Real


Today, you can choose to be prepared… or be swept away by the tide of inevitable danger.

The choice is yours – to be prepared, and keep your loved ones safe.

Choose today, and awaken to the revelation that the survival of you and your loved ones are all in your hands.

Meet The Survival Revelations Team

Craig ‘MacGyver’ Kellerman – Chief survivalist expert
Born and bred in a farm from South Carolina, at a very young age Craig knew that he had an uncanny talent for getting himself out of trouble as a mischievous kid who was constantly tinkering around and occasionally breaking stuff in the house as he would use his talent for putting things back together before his parents could notice.

His friends nicknamed him ‘MacGyver’ as he continued to take everyday stuff and use it to survive in the most extreme situations (most of it, by choice – due to his outrageously adventurous and curious nature).

He brings his years of experience in survival, preparedness and predicting trends to the Survival Revelations team.


Reverend Dr. Joshua Shepherd
Dr. Shepherd is a theologian and an expert on eschatology. As a former Southern Baptist minister, he constantly preached about the dangers of ignoring biblical truths about the end times.

He is also a prepper from a very young age. These two skills are invaluable when it comes to leading Christians to be practically equipped for the prophecies of the book of Revelation.


Jim Jorge
Jim was in the military for more than 20 years before injuries forced him move back to his home town in Kentucky.

Looking for a new career path that didn’t involve him running around, he met Craig ‘MacGyver’ Kellerman and became fast friends thanks to their common interest in survival.

He has lots of experience in firearms, grenades, security, hostage situations, military psychology and even kung fu (a past time he had learned while he was growing up and was obsessed with Bruce Lee).


Sarah Jennifer Tan
Sarah is really experienced when it comes to surviving the toughest situations since she was very young.

Her father was killed in Alabama a few weeks before September 11 when a gang of redneck thugs broke into their home and through a stroke of luck, she managed to fend off and escape them because they were about to gang-rape her.

She also had several near-death experiences when she was in the wilderness surviving snake bites, dangerous falls and dehydration.

She teamed up with Craig a few months after Jim joined the team and shares her experiences here.